Wednesday, October 27, 2010

intentional life.

October has been such a huge growth month for me. The Lord has revealed so many things to me, large and small. I am so grateful for this.

One thing in particular He has taught me is being submersed in a community, living an intentional life -- meaning, you know my stuff, I know yours. No mirages. No facades. Just real. I have been blessed with an incredible community whom I can do this with. We can sit around and hash life out - challenging each other, encouraging one another, walking with one another in the journey that the Lord has each of us on.

Also, along with that - the Lord has placed on my heart the word "home". We are all brothers and sisters in the beautiful Lord, no matter where we come from. I watched a video recently from Hillsong NYC that kind of summed it for me. I want my life to resemble this video...I want to be a part of a church, a community, that says, "Hey brother/sister, you are welcome here. Why? Because we are in this together".

Happy Fall Y'all. (even though it was 87 degrees today, gross.)

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