Wednesday, October 27, 2010

intentional life.

October has been such a huge growth month for me. The Lord has revealed so many things to me, large and small. I am so grateful for this.

One thing in particular He has taught me is being submersed in a community, living an intentional life -- meaning, you know my stuff, I know yours. No mirages. No facades. Just real. I have been blessed with an incredible community whom I can do this with. We can sit around and hash life out - challenging each other, encouraging one another, walking with one another in the journey that the Lord has each of us on.

Also, along with that - the Lord has placed on my heart the word "home". We are all brothers and sisters in the beautiful Lord, no matter where we come from. I watched a video recently from Hillsong NYC that kind of summed it for me. I want my life to resemble this video...I want to be a part of a church, a community, that says, "Hey brother/sister, you are welcome here. Why? Because we are in this together".

Happy Fall Y'all. (even though it was 87 degrees today, gross.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

it's rocktober, finally!

Oh how I welcome October with open arms. I love this month. Not only is it my birthday month- it's officially fall to me. This is when the most beautiful time of year sets in. Yes, the leaves are starting to change and that cool breeze in the air lingers a little longer than it did before. AND, you can walk into almost any store & see all "fall", goodbye to the dreaded summer months.

It's like you can feel the shift in the air! Whoo happy October everyone!