Tuesday, January 10, 2012

'Cause that's what He does...

Wow,  where in the world did the last month go? I feel like just in a blink Christmas was here and gone. It was such a wonderful time with friends and family. To go home, and just rest for a month was so glorious and just what I needed. Blessed time it was.

Shortly after Christmas was over, we took off to Atlanta, GA for Passion 2012, and what an INCREDIBLE & BLESSED time it was. The speakers and musicians that were gathered in that place was like a spiritual combustion -- but bigger and more astounding than that was the name of JESUS was lifted HIGH in that place like no other. Freedom, was the cause. And freedom came for many. Chains were not only broken, but obliterated. To say it left me humbly on my knees is I feel an understatement.

Christy Nockels said something that struck such a cord with me that I will cherish forever when describing her song "We'll Sing Along"...

She said,

"'Cause that's what He does. He takes little songs, little lullabies and turns them into anthems. His eyes are roaming throughout the earth, seeking to show himself to those whose hearts would be fully committed to Him."

wow. Yes, Lord.

That's what He does, turns little lullabies into anthems. Little cries that you have in your heart, little desires that are tucked into the corner of your mind that you think about right before you go to sleep, or find yourself randomly thinking about that you quickly determine could never happen --- He morphs, transforms, blooms, blossoms, cultivates, springs forth them --- into ANTHEMS. 'Cause that's what He does. 

And in that we surrender. Why? Because He has WON, and because in no way of our own could we ever take these little songs in our hearts and make something out of them. We raise our white flag, saying YES LORD, walking in the way of your truth, we wait for you, we declare you, and we stand on you, because that is where freedom resides... and that is where, lullabies becomes anthems. 

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