Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hope in Haiti

As I travel from place to place, a certain little place for each is carved out in my heart, and it mainly is for the people. Without a doubt, this was the case for my travel to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti this summer with a Global Health Outreach. I could not have prepared myself for the time I was there if I tried. In the news and headlines you hear the ringing outs of "Haiti is hopeless" and if there is one thing I would come back begging to differ with, it is that Haiti is not hopeless because I looked into the faces of hope and I have seen it. I know the names of hope there. The people blessed me in ways that I cannot express. In the most humble of ways, taught me the richest lessons. To have a radiant lady with the biggest of eyes, with clothes that clearly do not fit and no shoes, sit in front of me that has quite literally lost everything from the earthquake and has had 6 miscarriages declare the Lord is GOOD and FAITHFUL, brings me to my knees. The joy that comes from the overflow of God and not circumstances in their lives is nothing short of challenging, yet encouraging and refreshing. I miss these faces today, and everyday rather, but especially today.

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