Monday, March 11, 2013

ENOUGH for today.

I recently listened to an incredible podcast by Louie Giglio titled, "Enough for Today" (if you have a chance, listen to it here.) It was an incredible teaching. I realize how quick we are to jump to future things and not rest in just today. We can say yes Jesus is enough for today AND tomorrow, or today AND forever. It's like we bust at the seams to put that "and" in there. Yes He is enough always, faithful always, good always, but we are only promised when we wake up what He has for us in this day now and so often we miss it because we are anxious about the next day or the next month. We cannot access those promises yet. We cannot access tomorrow's promises today. He is sufficient for the day. Just like the manna He gave the Israelites in the desert, He told them He would supply all they needed for the day. However, some of them stored up to make sure they had enough for the next day and "it bred worms and stank" (Exod 16: 20). How often are we like these Israelites? I am guilty of this often, wheeling my mind over and over trying to plan this and that and get things done, get ahead. When the Lord is saying to me, "Be still, daughter, I am working on your behalf. Trust me. Depend on me, not your own strength. I am here today. Present with You now."

He is perfectly provisional for the day.
"Give us this day our DAILY bread." Matthew 6:11

Instead of manna, we now have the bread of Life. By His son. His blood covers everything that happened and we get to stand a new every single morning, and so often we do not claim that. So often we do not operate in the promises the Lord has for us in the day. It is so important to remember that we have a Father that knows what we need BY day, BY moment.  I pray that we SHIFT our mindset to instead of worrying about how things will work out tomorrow, or next week to saying I KNOW You, Oh Lord, will provide for me today; I need not worry about tomorrow - You WILL be faithful - You WILL come through. Let us rest in that the Lord is fighting on our behalf in our stillness (Exodus 14:14).

When I fail to let Jesus be enough for me today, I fail to reflect His sufficiency to others.
Let us live in all the fullness He grants today. 

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