Thursday, September 30, 2010

getting the point.

Isn't it funny when something happens in our life, and we go "Okay Lord, I get the point now." Well this is a matter of case in point for me. The Lord has been telling me for days, "slow down, be still, rest, simplify", however, I nevertheless keep going, going, going. Hey isn't it what we know & do best? It's almost like we find it a weakness to not be busy, like we feel as though we need/have to be doing something at all times. I know that's the way I get a lot of times (okay, almost all the time).

Well Tuesday I started to fell bad and got a fever. My immediate reaction was "oh goodness, I do not have time for this." Again, the next morning the fever persisted. So I came home and went to the doctor. I got the test results:....strep & sinus infection. Perfect. However, to my suprise my initial reaction to the tests results was actually relief. In the back of my mind I was thanking the Lord for time to rest and an excuse to not be going 24/7. The doctor told me he didn't want me back in school until Monday, and to take it easy.

Even though I feel pretty misreable (and I haven't felt this bad in a long time), I'm actually resting for the first time in a couple of weeks. I don't have to be somewhere- I can just be. It's funny how the Lord sometimes puts things in our lives because we just aren't getting the picture. Thanks Lord for knowing me better than I do.

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