Sunday, September 5, 2010

here comes fall, yes.

[The beginning of Fall gets me super excited because that means the beginning of everything i love. Saturday is was wonderful outside and it was like a breath of fresh air. I love everything about fall / cold weather.]

1. I love the air. Cool/cold air makes everything feel/seem more fresh. I personally feel better. It's like you can finally breathe, makes ya feel good. New-ness.

2. The clothes. Summer clothes don't cut it for me. I like fall clothes, layers. Yes. Sometimes I look like the bag lady but hey it's okay. Say you want to wear 4 of our favorite things in one outing -- well in fall/winter why not? layer layer layer. Summer you will stifle yourself. (yes i'm the girl with the summer scarf and summer sweater because i'm missing fall so much.)

3. The color of leaves. Everything has beautiful color, love the way the light hits it.

4. Scarves, need I say more. I wear one pretty much at all times.

5. Boots. Hello, who doesn't love boots?

6. The fall candles might be the happiest thing captured in a jar ever. I burn more candles in the fall & winter probably than the entire year. My house at home always smelled like the seasons. I guess I get it from my Mom.

7. The first sight of candy corn makes me want to shout. That means it's really here.

8. One of the biggest reasons: The BEST HOLIDAYS ever exist in this season. Thanksgiving, Christmas (which is the most jolly time of year, and I may or may not be the person listening to Christmas music in October)

9. You don't sweat to death walking to class. You actually enjoy being outside. It's lovely.

10. College Football, yes yes yes. (Not that I neccessarily pay attention the whole entire time, but generally- love the atmosphere, and guys talking about it 24/7. Hilarious). War Eagle!

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