Friday, December 24, 2010

stirring thoughts.

I've been having the thought lately, random in a sense, but the thought of, "What made Eve choose the fruit, in a holy and perfect place?". It was one of those thoughts that comes to you leaving you going "hmm". It just baffles me that something deep within her wanted more, when everything someone could possibly want was offered. She was in direct communication with the Lord of Lords, her relationship with Adam was without flaw, YET she had a nagging sense of discontentment in her that thought things could be better.

We, as women, always tell ourselves, "we need the answers, we need to know" as a sense of entitlement sort of- I wonder if that was how Eve felt. However, the Lord tells us again and again, "No, you need to trust. Have faith, child." Goodness, I see this everyday in my own life, as well as my friends. It's a constant struggle not to take things out of SOVEREIGN hands into my own. In that same breath, that thought doesn't make sense, do we miss the part of SOVEREIGN? And why does that not resonate more boldly with us? We dissociate God's sovereignty from our situations, thinking that we understand more.

As Eve did, we secretly crave power in the form of knowledge, always wanting to know more. Never satisfied. Yet we are not meant to be satisfied within ourselves. We are made for deep communion with our Lord Jesus, and when we forget that, when we get in our flesh - we fall. Luckily, the power of grace is amazing!!!

The Lord knows our hearts and desires for us to be honest before Him. In the midst of thoughts of self-sufficiency, we must choose God's love and provision. Praise Him, for He is greater & his love is unfathomable.

"Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us."
{Psalm 62:8} 

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