Monday, April 11, 2011

big day + breaking comfort zones

1. My sister-friend, Rachel, got engaged yesterday...heel clicks for this!!! Can't wait for this season of seeing her go through wedding planning! 

2. Yesterday, my dear friend Jake & I got to go to a church in good ole Greenville, Alabama with our fearless leaders Wren & Sherry to speak to some highschool students and their parents about entering college and what it has looked like for us & our relationship with the Lord. NOTE: I am not a public speaker, AT ALL. So I was a bit nervous. {It's funny thinking back because at Passion Conferences we were listening to Beth Moore speak, and she was telling us how she was mortified of public speaking, and in my head I was thinking righhhtt.. you are one of the BEST speakers. She was saying how after every time she gets off the stage she says, "We did it Lord!" And right then, something in my spirit pulled - this is going to be your life Taylor - not necessarily public speaking, but always doing something for the SOLE reason of making it through because of the Lord & not me. Scary, yet humbling thought} Jump forward, to yesterday.

 We arrive in Greenville at this precious woman named Mrs. Ann's house. Let me just tell you, if I could be the lady Mrs. Ann is when I am her age - I would consider it a great success. She is busting with the Lord & desires to pour into your life. She is full of LIFE. We sat around the table eating & drinking coffee, laughing just like we were all family. It was a beautiful sense of community. 

This year the Lord has broken me of a TON of comfort zones, that I didn't even realize were there. It's a little painful, but even more beautiful at the same time. 

Hearing Jake's testimony again was absolutely incredible. Made me tear up a little, hearing & seeing again what the Lord has brought  him through - goodness, I am so beyond blessed to be a part of his life. 

The Lord totally had me. He diminished all thoughts and feelings of anxiousness and I give all glory to Him! He is SO GOOD, all the time. He has plans for us that are bigger than ourselves, and we must tap into that. He desires to give us ABUNDANT life, fully living in the freedom He has so graciously poured out on us! 

Whewww, and it sure is a wild & exciting ride...

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