Wednesday, July 13, 2011

life out of my suitcase

So over the past week, I have just hip-hoped my way all over the Southeast. I have been in Austin, TX - to - Atlanta, GA - to - Nashville, TN. I'm learning to embrace the fact that I am living out of a suitcase this month, and I don't hate it. I love traveling, seeing different places - and not to mention, airports might be on the best places on Earth. So much interaction, wonderings of who is going where, what their life is like, etc. It's quite fascinating (especially when you run over Matthew McConaughey with your rolling suitcase, yes this is for real, & rather embarrassing).

AUSTIN, TX I love being here - "Keep Austin Weird" is not a rumor, it's most definitely a way of life. It's interesting to go into a city where just about anything flies. It is not abnormal to be walking down the street enjoying your day, and whoa there's a man walking down the same street in a bikini.

I love music, a ton a ton, and to be submerged into a city that embraces it is amazing. Everywhere you turn there is live music streaming from some place. I also LOVED getting to spend some time with my aunt and uncle - they are incredible. My uncle is FULL GREEK through and through and everything you see on the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding is most likely true. There is absolutely never a dull moment. ever. I am currently in the process of trying to learn greek, which is laugh-able. They also live on a ranch with 15 horses, 10 dogs, 3 cats, and cows. It is so peaceful there.

sweet Bono

my fam is the best, so much fun

love this area

Airstream nation

this is my crazy uncle Van, Greek & lovin' it

Beautiful Austin

Then, I got to pretty much turn around and head to good ole Nashville, TN to visit sweet Leah!!!! Goodness, it was so great to see her. We had such a blast bee-boppin all over Nashville to the Farmer's Market, Frothy Monkey, American Picker's Store, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, and not to mention we all got hair feathers!

we love Casablanca Coffee, especially Honey Child - get it if you go, you won't be sorry

b'fast at frothy monkey

nashville farmer's market

these were delicious

American pickers store

Jeni's splendid ice cream

Hair featherrrrrsssss

can't go to Nashville without going to Pangea

About to be on the road yet again... whewww... let's go.

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