Wednesday, June 29, 2011

drop the net.

"The one who asks us to drop our nets is also the one who shows us how to take them up again. And he is also the one that fills them with fish." {taken from Revol}

The Lord is faithful. Whatever He calls us to, or takes us through - He will restore. IN HIS TIMING & IN HIS WAY. We, being so limited, in our mindset think something "good" for us should look a certain way, but that is not how the Lord God works. He is faithful and He intends good and perfect things for us. If he asks us to drop our nets, He knows He has something better, more fulfilling for us and ultimately to Him. He has already equipped us to "pick it back up" again (whatever that may be- a different path, a different direction, etc), and has prepared for us blessing in doing so.

However, the enemy wants to come quickly in right when we are asked to drop the net and make us doubt the Lord's integrity; his goodness. And the sad reality is many of us do buy into this lie, even if for a little while. How heartbreaking this must be for the Lord. The enemy knows what great potential the Lord has for our lives, and he wants nothing more than to derail & sabotage as quickly as possible.

Author John Eldridge (of Wild at Heart, if you haven't read it - PLEASE do!) puts this another way... “The story of your life is the story of the long and brutal assault on your heart by one who knows what you could be, and fears it.”

We must stand on His promise and nothing else - putting our hope in Him alone. It is the only place we will not be shaken. We must dive into the character and presence of the Lord, understanding WHO He is to know what He desires for us. He wants so badly for our lives to be filled with wild and abundant freedom in Him!

Trust in His Word, His asking you to drop the net, because you have NO idea what He is calling you to pick up next...

and His promise is... IT IS GOOD.

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