Monday, July 25, 2011

A House United

Last week I spent time in Tuscaloosa, AL for my job at Auburn University Office of Public Service for a project with Habitat for Humanity, called A House United. It was a collaborative effort between us and the University of Alabama to come together, rivalry aside, and help with the efforts to rebuild in the devastation after the tornado.

This trip has kind of been my assignment for the summer to plan and organize. I am glad pretty much everything went smoothly and it was such a blessed trip for all of us. We learned so much from the UA students about what happened to them the day of the storm. It was surreal, it hit way too close to home. It could have just as easily been us. Also, hearing from the family whom we were building for - their personal story, wow - left me speechless. We spent days building, roofing, and painting. It was such an incredible experience. I am so grateful!

Here is a link to the blog I am also writing for the office with many of the stories we heard & details throughout the week: Work Blog

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