Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Acts 3:7 {taking the step}

"Then Peter took the lame man by the right hand and helped him up. And AS he did, the man's feet and ankles were instantly healed and strengthened." {Acts 3:7}

This verse has just recently stopped me in my tracks. I know this might seem like a verse many would pass by, but how POWERFUL is the written Word that it is so jammed packed with things we never even realize until BAM, there it is the very day we need it.

Stepping out in faith. This is a phrase we hear & say all the time, but goodness doing so -- a completely different story. In this parable, the lame man obviously could not walk. Peter saw that the man needed more than gold or silver, he needed Jesus. Can you imagine? Not being able to walk for years...getting used to the day to day of not being able to use your legs. It becomes something that you have to adjust your entire life to, you become used to it. The simple things become a task for you. Think about everything you do that requires walking, or just simply using your legs - -  then imagine not being able to do them at all, or atleast having to go to great lengths to accomplish. It's a crazy thought.

Peter was asking this man to get up and walk. Really?... If that was you, would you think... Peter that's nice and all for you to want to help, but see you don't understand... I cannot walk, and better yet I haven't even been able to stand. YET, he steps. Isn't it funny how the Lord picks the most unlikely of circumstances to move in power? [Amen, Amen!]

How many times do we hear the Lord saying, "get up and walk"... go this and that way... yet we stay on the ground because we choose to do things our way and we don't fully trust where He is leading. Perhaps, we even think, "but Lord I haven't been able to do this thus far - this is just how it is going to be". Thank Him that He doesn't think how we do. He NEVER gives up. Never.

I am guilty of this as well. Making decisions and not knowing exactly what is going on until literally the last second, and being scared in the process because it makes no sense at all. In the same way, Peter helped this man up and "AS" he did, his feet and ankles were strengthened. The man had to take the first step, he had to STEP OUT in FAITH, and AS He did the Lord strengthened and healed him. The "as" in this verse just gets me. It implies process, an action - an action on our behalf.

We have to trust and step even when we don't see the next stone underneath our feet. He will provide the strength "as" we do. Acting this out, goodness gracious. Praise the Lord He gives us strength & grace as we need it, and knows exactly when we do. He is so faithful as He has promised.

 Choosing to step, a concept I am learning to embrace and walk in - but needing so much grace and mercy in doing so.

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