Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jesus take the wheel, but really.

As I enter this new season of fall (my favorite), my life definitely looks a bit different than I thought it would this time last year. For starters I thought I would be in Birmingham in Occupational Therapy school, not in Auburn, and definitely not the person I am now. Then I went on to not going to grad school at all and moving home - things I thought would happen didn't and things I didn't think would happen did and that's where I have greatly embraced, on a less serious note, Carrie Underwood's lyrics as my great (and slightly cheesy) new motto, "Jesus take the wheel"...

I respond under my breath to much of what happens as of late with that precious and a little bit hilarious phrase. But I mean it, and it's true. The Lord never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I know, I don't. His plans are greater, thankfully. However, in the process of the re-route we so easily take on uneasiness and doubt. We get a little skirmy in our "uncomfortable situation", itching for a chance to get to a place where we can feel comfortable again. It takes time. Time to learn. Time to adjust. Time to embrace. Time to change. And honestly if we just sat back and learned instead of trying to find a way out, we probably wouldn't be there so long. Like the Israelites following the cloud through the desert - accepting manna for today and looking upward, knowing that He is good and faithful to lead us exactly where we need to be when we need to be there!

I am so excited and expectant for this new season in Auburn in Graduate School, and for the Lord to continue to absolutely blow my mind!

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  1. good luck! i hope you have a wonderful time. :) and ps: this picture is so beautiful.

    love, rach.