Friday, March 16, 2012

sink deep your feet.

This past week I had the fortunate opportunity of heading to the Bay for a little vacation. I was so thankful for the time of rest. Aside from the week of fun and relaxation, the last day we swung by the beach on the way out of town just to get our little dose of sand waves. We were all doing our thing walking around, and I just down - something about the ocean just captivates me.

 I noticed this sweet, beautiful little girl with perfect blonde ringlets just standing there by the water. My first thought was goodness I miss that age. not a worry in the world. Carefree, depending on her parents for everything. Then I thought, where are her parents? Haha. But then I observed this little routine she had going on. She would run to her parents, then run as fast as she could, boldly to the shore right where the water would come up, and she would dig her feet deep into the sand, and just wait.... She would stand there waiting until a wave come a lightly rushed over her ankles. Then do it all over again.

This was so interesting to me. She wasn't splashing about, or building a sandcastle, she was standing strong, waiting. It really just sunk into me. Sometimes the Lord calls us to run boldly, and sometimes He asks us to just wait. Wait for the wave to hit our feet, then we will know it's time. The sweet little girl, could have stepped a few small steps forward and almost every single wave could have hit her feet, wouldn't that have been more fun, easier? But no, she always stopped where most of the waves never came but the one that did in the what seemed like long moments she stood there was the most joyous of things. I even felt myself rejoicing with her when that wave trickled up over her feet and she would scream with JOY and run back to her parents.

This was such an incredible encouragement to me, thank you Lord. The sweet, simple vision of this sweet little girl in so many ways resembled my life. For most of the past seven or so months I have been running boldly. Pursuing what the Lord has set forth for me, and I know He has been pushing me to make steps, calling me forward, dropping my net, my fear, and just going. BOLDLY to the shore.

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Now, He asking me to wait until the wave reaches my feet. There, strength and faith is manifested. I asked the Lord at the beginning of this year to make me into a woman of faith, to be unmovable, unshakeable only for the sheer fact that my roots are deep in Him, that my feet are planted in Him. I don't know if I thought I was going to magically fairy dust to that place, but that's just not how the Lord works. He has taken me through some very unexpected trials, and deep faith lessons this past year, and is continuing to do so. But all I can do now is rejoice in them. Because I see what He is doing and His deep work in my faith I would never trade, because I can honestly from the deepest part of me can look at anyone and in the purest way say, "I KNOW the Lord is good. I KNOW He is faithful. He is FOR you." and KNOW it to be true, because I have seen it. He without a doubt is.

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So, now in this phase of life, which can be incredibly uncomfortable with making big decisions and not really knowing what the next step is, I wait.... I wait for the wave. Strong, deeply rooted, rejoicing in what He has done and will do, courageously silent, expectant because I know He who promised is faithful, and HE WILL SURELY DO IT.

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