Saturday, November 13, 2010

bittersweet war eagle.

-Today is my last home football game at the sweet sweet Auburn University.

It's a weird feeling. I don't feel like I have been here that long. I was just reflecting on everything I have experienced at Auburn and goodness am I thankful. I love Auburn through and through. That may sound cheesy but the love is deep.

I appreciate Auburn for it's family aspects. Whenever we go on roadtrips for games or just being around the plains on a normal gameday, it's a family-like atmosphere. The pride I have for Auburn as well is just tremendous. I love chanting, "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!".

i love:

-tailgates on gamedays
-the millions (or so) fans that come to the game
-the sweet grandparents that are die hard auburn fans
-the warm up music, it's a dance party every time.
-the opening video, chill bumps.
-the eagle, Nova. your incredible.
-this year, Cam. of course. just love ya.
-Gene Chizik: class act.
-after the game, complete chaos in the form of Toomer's Corner
-loving that for the rest of the weekend and beginning of the week most guys near and far will be re-hashing every play of the game, and having their own sports commentary.
-I love that when we went to Ole Miss there were more Auburn fans than Ole Miss
-love that Auburn fans were the only ones that booked the hotel outside Oxford so when you woke up to have coffee, hey it's a family reunion
-love that after the Ole Miss/Auburn game we went to Outback (only place open for miles) and it was all AU fans, so what did we do? .... game chants!

-Mostly: I love the love that Auburn fans have for Auburn!

So I will be cheering my boys on to a victory today! Let's go Tigers! Warrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!

First game as a freshman

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