Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving & iron bowl.

Thanksgiving was such a JOYFUL day. I love getting together with family that I haven't seen in awhile and gathering around a too small kitchen for all of us. There is always so much laughter when we all get together. Grandparents sayings usually being the source of that laughter. Lots of turkey, and great food to be had. But without all of that -- I would still love it the same.

The day after: IRON BOWL -- Auburn vs. Alabama
Goodness gracious do I love this game. Well, especially this year. I never used to be the girl that talked football with all the guys but this year-- I am your girl. My dad gets quite a quick out of it. 

This year we played in (well you know, the other town). It was definitely an INTERESTING GAME. Going into the half it was 24-0 in favor of Alabama. I literally felt nauseas. However, the second half the boys blew us away. Came back from a 28-27 VICTORY for the TIGERS.

It has been such an amazing senior year to see the Tigers roll on to victory.

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