Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I feel like the above word describes how life has been the end of April and beginning of May for me. CRAZY. Lots of new, good, and beautiful things going on, as well as some difficult, refining, and trying things. Hey, that's how the Lord works doesn't he? If we sailed through everything, the process of becoming more like Him would not exist, so praise Him for that. 

{quick catch-up} 

1. My sweet and beautiful sister-friend Rachel is engaged to this dear man, Chase. YES!!!!

HOO-RAH for this couple. (photo cred: sweet + talented, Brooke)
2. I graduated. (only to go back to school, but HEY, I did it!)

3. I have a job, that I actually like. Getting to work with hunger & poverty. 

4. I'm learning and falling more in love with the Lord than ever. He is good, always. 

5. The story of Esther has officially become my jam, yes jam.

6. Pintrest may or may not be taking up a small (or medium-sized) portion of my day. (join asap, you'll thank me later)

7. My friends (or family, really) are some of the best things that have ever happened to me. They are truly a blessing and such a picture of the body of Christ- encouraging + building each other up, sharpening, revealing Christ. My love for them runs deep and no distance or circumstance will ever change that. 

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