Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2: Honduras

Today was my first day doing my jobs. It was really exciting a fun. When I put on my bucket list for the summer that I wanted to learn how to cook- I didn't really think of deep in the middle of the Honduras mountains. But the Lord has quite the sense of humor. Love it. A few of the things I learned today:

1. There is an art to picking cilantro leaves. (And can be quite an exciting game)

2. I will never ever take shredded lettuce for granted anymore. I had to use a machetti, yes a machetti, to chop 10 lettuce(s)? in little bits. This might be one of the most strength required events. Totally underestimated. So when you see shredded lettuce think of someone somewhere with a machetti going at it.

3. Oh yes, they use a machetti for everything. Don't have a can opener? Not to person holds the can (that would be me) & another drives a large machetti down at the can to open it. (this is frightening)

4. Class of 2000 somewhere must have not gotten their graduation mugs because the whole Orphanage Emmanuel drinks from cups that say, "Congratulations Class of 2000"

5. When words fail (which they do often) dance. Yes, I taught the 5 girls I work with how to swing dance today. Just imagine. It's hilarious.

6.  Albertina, one of the girls in I work with, has one of the most beautiful servants hearts. I know I will learn a lot from her. She makes me want to be better.

7. The girls here love High School Musical, and think every American should know how to sing it. (they think I sound good singing, which is hilarious. but makes me feel so good)

8. When they ask you to hand them "La Tortuga" don't look around for a real live tortoise because they will laugh at you when you tell them you don't see a tortoise because that's the brand of salt they use. Salt, not a real tortoise- got it.

9. My abbrev's leave very confused looks.

10. When in Hondo, do as the Hondo's do. Watch & copy is my new sport. I'm working on perfecting that.

11. Tortilla making is an art- I don't have it.

12. Laugh at yourself, because they are definitely laughing at you as well.

I'm excited about what I am going to learn this month from these girls. They are so sweet & make me laugh a lot.

This is where the magic happens - La Cocina

Church tonight was nothing short of powerful. Having 100+ Hondurans, and other nationalities singing "Worthy is the Lamb" under one name, Jesus, is incredibly awesome. I have chills just writing this. The preacher, David Martinez, and founder is incredible and brought such truth tonight. I am thankful where the Lord has me here & all that I am learning already.

"So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor." 1 Peter 5:6

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