Monday, June 21, 2010

from the Wild Goose Chase.

I'm reading the Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson, and thank the Lord. I needed to read this right now- thanks to a good friend for lending it to me. But it has been SO great. Today, I read this:

"We put so much pressure on ourselves, as if the eternal plans of the almighty God are contingent upon our ability to decipher them. The truth is, God wants to reveal them more than we want to know them. And if we think one misstep can frustrate the providential plans of the Omnipotent One, then our God is way too small. Not only does God want us to get where God wants us to go more than we want to get where God wants us to go, but He is awfully good at getting us there. He may not always reveal His plans how or when we want Him to. But when we chase the Wild Goose [the Holy Spirit], our future becomes His responsibility."

Wow. I thought this was such a good reminder. And definitely something I need to focus on in the in-between. The in-between times can be the most disorienting of times, and can distract us from what we need to focus on. Myself being guilty. But instead in those times we should trust that He delights in details, and cares more about our future than we do.

Love these little revelation moments.

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