Saturday, June 5, 2010

#7 Spontaneous Roadtrip

So I have this little bucket list for the summer. Honestly, it started as a joke- but has ended up being this fun little adventure that I am really going to try and finish.

That being said, #7 on the bucket list was spontaneous roadtrip. A group of friends and I decided for Memorial Day weekend we would just pick it up & go to Nashville not knowing where we were going to stay or really what we were going to do. Knowing me this is kind of funny because I'm a planner, and this was a trip that had ZERO plans. However, I LOVED every minute of it. Not to mention I kind of fell in love with Nashville-it's a GREAT city with a lot of variety.

We ended up staying with our good friend, Nathan. It's funny how we "plan" things and think they are no big deal, and the Lord really has some maticulous plans of His own. The whole weekend completely blessed me- every conversation, things we did, and the community. I am beyond blessed by the friendships the Lord is placing in my life & how He is working through them. I praise Him for it.

Monday night we all just sat around and had some really great conversations about what the Lord is teaching us and what He has placed on our hearts. This just reminded me of how important community is, and how the Lord never intended us to go at this life thing alone. It is so cool to come together and bounce things off each other, seeing what the Lord is doing in us individually and then again also as a body. His Spirit is weaving in and out & its powerful.

So, as I'm checking off this so-called bucket list of mine- it's cool to see how the Lord has also his own list of things He wants me to learn and realize too. It's funny how He reveals himself to us in the most interesting ways, even if it's a little thing such as a summer bucket list.
"The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." {Psalm 37:23}

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