Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 11: When in Hondo...

So my sweet little roommates and I have started this "When in Hondo..." game. It goes as so...

1. When in Hondo... you are always glistening/look wet because you are doused in bug spray no matter where you are going. Yes, even bed.

2. When in Hondo... you eat things you never thought possible, because you are absolutely tired of peanut butter, and semi-fresh bread.

3. When in ignore things that usually you wouldnt, such as bugs in the beans you are cooking, or flies or the tortillas. Or just maybe the scorpion that fell from the ceiling on your hand.

4. When in Hondo... you are absolutely 100% REAL.

5. When in Hondo... you don't have something, use a machetti.... for everything.

6. When in Hondo... no need for a sound machine because you have barking lizards.

7. When in Hondo... you must crawl on the ground under the stove to light it to use it. This is a team effort.

8. When in Hondo... be prepared for rain at any second.

9. When in Hondo... any American food is like fireworks in your mouth.

10. When in Hondo... the power goes out every day.

11. When in Hondo... you LOCK your door to your room because the security guard may or may not have been killed 6 months ago... still a mystery.

12. When in Hondo... you laugh so you don't cry.

13. When in Hondo... you smell like mayonasia and tortillas at all times. It's real cute.

14. When in Hondo... you are always fearing lice.

15. When in Hondo... anything goes!

Regardless of Hondo's many interesting ways, we wouldn't have it any other way. We are loving it and the list will continue. I'm thankful for the many laughs this month has supplied already!

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