Tuesday, July 13, 2010

fits of laughter.

Today we went on a tour of the Orphanage. It was really cool because normally we are just so busy working we really don't soak up what's around us, and how it came about it. I am so in awe of the Lord and how incredibly faithful He is with everything that has come to be at Emmanuel.

On a lighter note, the highlight of my day came when the tour ended and none other than Miss Rebekah Cowart gets out of the tractor and starts sprinting towards the special needs yard.

[Let me paint a picture for you. Rebekah works with the special needs and she is wonderful at it. They are a joy. But she thought one of the girls, Stephanie, was upset with her so she wanted to make sure she was okay. The "yard" is a big open area that all the houses surround. So... the yard can be seen my almost everyone at the Orphanage at any time.]

So as Reb is sprinting to the yard, she must have forgotten the intense rain storm we had last night, because yes... she BUSTED, bad. And the ENTIRE special needs ERUPTED with laughter. It could possibly be the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. Not only was it Reb falling, it was the precious special needs--their laughter is contagious, thus causing me to experience intense laughing cramps.

And after she fell, sweet Pedro, who has Down Syndrome ran and helped her up, making sure she was okay. It was so funny. It was so sweet at the same time. They absolutely adore her, and were so concerned with getting her clean, because here they come trying to wipe all the mud off of her.

All the girls couldn't get enough of it, this made them literally laugh the entire rest of the day. The all know Reb as the funny one that dances a lot because due to our lack of Spanish knowledge, Reb has found that dancing does the trick. Every time I came in contact with one of the girls, they would start to ask me if I saw what happened - and they would lose it.

I often times throughout the day found myself imaginging Reb falling over and over, and randomly laughing hysterically. This just adds to my girls in la cocina just saying, "Oh Taylor..." which is probably their favorite phrase.

For more laughs, I seriously consider everyone following Rebekah Cowart 's blog. She is a joy to me as I'm sure she will be to you.

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  1. oh, how funny! I am sure it was the highlight of everyone's day, but hers! Laughter is understood by all regardless of language barriers. Laughter shared by many brings the hearts together. Love you!!!