Thursday, July 15, 2010

thankful & rejoicing.

I have to come to a really great place in my time here at Emmanuel. I have established great friendships with the girls, and have been able to have some really great conversations with them. This is a victory to say the least with the hard start. I'm almost sort of sad that they won't be traveling back with me because I feel our relationships have only begun. I hate to think that I will be leaving them, as everyone in their life has done. I will be on my knees for every single one though.

Their individual stories are precious to me. Each one, yes, have had and are still having their own battles, but they are beautiful at the same time. I know I call them beautiful a lot, but they really are to me. I am incredibly thankful, and I just can't thank the Lord enough.

It's Kelin's, one of my sweet friends, birthday tomorrow, I am so excited! i'm trying to get stuff for her birthday-i'm literally having to use my resources. should be funny. paper cut outs? possibly!

Church last night, Wednesday, we talked about rejoicing ALWAYS in the Lord. Not just when we want to, or during certain circumstances, but always. I really started thinking about it because after a physically demanding day of hauling wood up the huge hill, or toting flour bags to and fro, I really don't think about rejoicing the Lord at that specfic time. However, we are called to live above our circumstances and yes rejoice always. A lifestyle of rejoicing. I pray this becomes the song of my life.

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  1. Emmanuel is so blessed to have you among them this month --- for in that time, they are seeing the hands and feet of Jesus!
    I rejoice with you as you continue to blossom into an amazing and beautiful woman of God.