Thursday, July 22, 2010

grateful for the small things.

Today was such a fun day. I'm absolutely loving my kitchen girls and I'm glad I get to spend all day with them. They say the funniest/sweetest things.

They were going through my ipod today, and for some reason got on Matt Wertz. They loved it. Hearing Rosa trying to sing "Faith and Compromise" was hilarious. And all day she kept singing her version. Also, she came upon the song "Down" by Jay Sean. She knew the song but Rosa's version was a little different instead of "You are my only", Rosa says, "You are my homie" and instead of "Baby are you down down down down down?", she says, "Baby are you round round round round round?". Haha, I could not stop laughing. It was one of the funnies things ever. She kept singing it all day long, and it was too funny to tell her what the words really were. Imagine little Honduran, spanish-speaking, 14-yr-old Rosa singing that all day, with the biggest grin on her face. Can't help but laugh & of course join in with her version.

I told one of the girls, Gita, yesterday that I just want her to come to America with me. And her response was pleasantly suprising. She said, "If God say yes, I come. But He must say yes."  I know this was a small statement but the faith of some of these girls is so encouraging. The Lord is their everything. Their life isn't complicated with "stuff". They seek the Lord's face as if it is everything, and it is. Her faith spurs me on. So thankful for that sister.

Later this afternoon when we were washing dishes, Kelin just looks at me and says, "Taylor, you leave. I remember you always." It was so touching for her to say that to me. It makes all the hard times SO WORTH IT. The beginning times when I would wonder if they were ever going to let me in, and me constantly having to prove to them that I truly wanted to be friends with them, and most importantly that I cared. I would truly say these girls are my friends, and I am going to miss them a lot. It's really hitting me.

These are just some of the things that happen everyday. It's the small things that have really made this such experience so blessed for me. I'm thankful that the Lord knows more than me and put me in the kitchen with the older girls when I really thought I would want to be with kids. So grateful His ways are higher than mine, I would miss out on some incredible blessings.

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